The Theory and Practice of Grief Therapy

wo 20 februari 2019 (09.00 tot 17.00)

A meaning making oriented approach

Workshop door professor Robert Neimeyer, psycholoog aan de universiteit van Memphis (VS).


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Workshop door professor Robert Neimeyer, psycholoog aan de universiteit van Memphis (VS).

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Description Workshop:

Viewed through a narrative lens, the attempt to reaffirm or reconstruct a world of meaning that has been challenged by loss lies at the heart of both grieving and grief therapy.  This interactive training begins by acquainting participants with trauma-informed interventions focusing on helping clients process the “event story” of the loss itself, offering updates on the latest research on meaning reconstruction in bereavement. It then turns to attachment-informed strategies to assist mourners in accessing the “back story” of their relationship to the deceased to re-establish a secure base and resolve unfinished business, introducing new means of assessing these issues in the clinical context.  Blending how-to instruction in the use of a new set of intervention techniques with videos of actual sessions, the workshop presents practical tools for working with clients who present complex death-related and non-death losses.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe features of Prolonged Grief Disorder newly recognized by the World Health Organization and its clinical utility for practicing therapists
  • Discuss the latest evidence that meaning making both mediates the impact of various risk factors for complicated grief and is amenable to modification in brief therapy
  • Identify critical features of complicated grief that could activate other symptoms, and the pivotal role of belief systems in bridging from grief to growth
  • Utilize new measures of key client issues such as closeness and conflict with the deceased and unfinished business
  • Practice procedures for exploring both death-related and non-death-related, ambiguous losses
  • Summarize six novel discursive, narrative and expressive techniques for voicing and transforming problems in integrating loss and living beyond it



09.00 -  Grief and its Complications:  The Role of Meaning

10.30 -  Break

11.00 -  Processing the Loss:  The Art of Grief Therapy

13.00 -  Lunch

14.00 -  Accessing the Relationship:  Assessment and Intervention

15.30 -  Break

16.00 -  Immunity to Change:  The Challenge of Coherence   

17.00 -  Finish


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De workshop wordt georganiseerd door Context, centrum voor relatie- en gezinstherapie van het UPC KU Leuven.


  • 150 euro
  • medewerkers UPC KU Leuven: 0 euro (de kostprijs wordt intern verrekend)
  • uitsluitend online betaling (via krediet- of debetkaart)


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The Theory and Practice of Grief Therapy - Workshop Robert Neimeyer - UPC KU Leuven
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